An Introduction to Save the Sons of Confederate Veterans

For 106 years, the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) has been a defender of Confederate heritage and an archive of American history for the period of 1861 to 1865. Now an effort is underway to change the direction and philosophy of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Several national and local SCV leaders, under the influence of individuals such as Kirk Lyons, Commander-in-Chief Ron Wilson, and organizations like the League of the South ( and the Council of Conservative Citizens ( are leading the Sons of Confederate Veterans into modern-day political extremism: extremism that has no legitimate connection to the defense of Confederate heritage

Some of our SCV leaders, while portraying themselves as defenders of Confederate heritage, are actually frontmen for the LOS and CCC. They are working to promote the radical views of these organizations by usurping the good name and reputation of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. A look at the websites of the LOS and CCC will show that these two organizations and others (see below) are wrapping themselves in the battle flag, promoting their version of "Southern heritage" and appealing to legitimate conservative issues in order to lure SCV members into 21st century political extremism. Sadly, for some of our members this tactic has been successful. This direct involvement in modern political activism is in violation of our SCV Constitution and of the publicly stated goals of our founders. The CCC and LOS care nothing about the image of the Confederate soldier. What they actually want is to assume nation-wide control of the SCV with our 31,000 members, $5 million endowment, organizational infrastructure and 106 years of community service.

In October 2002, representatives from several North Carolina SCV camps, several N.C. Division officers, and a representative from South Carolina, met to discuss the SCVís future. These representatives agreed that the linkage of the Confederate soldier and his symbols to modern social and political issues and organizations like neo-secessionism and separatism (LOS and Homerule-for-Dixie), immigration (CCC), tax reform (, gun control, abortion, fundamentalist religious views, etc., needlessly generates public hostility toward the SCV. While these are legitimate issues of concern to most Americans, the SCVís guardianship of the Confederate soldier is not served by making him a recruiting-poster for any contemporary political agenda. Those attending the meeting concluded that the SCV must be withdrawn from any modern political activism that does not support and defend Confederate heritage: in short, that the original mission of the SCV must be restored.


The group met again several weeks later and agreed that:

  • the national membership must be informed of the situation;

  • the politicization of the SCV must be stopped, and

  • SCV leaders who are transforming the SCV into a modern political faction must be identified and voted out of office.

The Save the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SSCV) movement was publicly announced on November 16th with the mailing of over eight hundred letters to SCV camps all over the nation.

To accomplish our goal, Save the SCV is organizing a network of SCV members and camps throughout the nation who will publicly condemn the infiltration of the SCV by those with modern political agendas, and who will work toward their removal. We must condemn both the message and the messengers. If they are secessionists, let them join the League of the South. If they think racism is a virtue, let them join the CCC or the Ku Klux Klan. These individuals cannot defend the record of the Confederate soldier and pursue radical modern political agendas at the same time. If political activism is more important to them than the defense of Confederate heritage, they must leave our organization to pursue their agendas elsewhere.

Save the SCV needs the help and support of every SCV member who understands the nature of the crisis that now confronts our fine organization. Carefully read the information on this website. Give us your ideas. If you have questions, ask for more information. Give this information to anyone who is concerned about the cause of Confederate heritage.

We are organizing our network camp-by-camp, brigade-by-brigade, and division-by-division. We need additional points-of-contact in each state. As SCV camp, brigade and division commanders offer their support they will become responsible for coordinating this effort within their normal geographic areas of responsibility. Give us your address and/or phone number, or contact us by email at Provide us with contact information for as many SCV members in as many camps as you can. Please check this website often for current information.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans is the only organization with the history, credibility and resources to successfully protect and defend our nationís proud Confederate heritage from those enemies at both ends of the political spectrum who would destroy it. If that honorable mission is corrupted, ours will surely be a lost cause. Seldom in life is the choice between right and wrong so clear.

We must be steadfast in our loyalty to the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Our Confederate heritage is too precious to abandon. Our forefathers are watching.

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