Larry A. Salley and CIC Wilson Work to "Reform" Both the SCV and South Carolina Government

"Mr. Salley spends some of his time with other Sons of Confederate Veterans who can trace their lineage to rebel ranks. He spends some with other members of the League of the South, who are actively planning another secession."

With those words, Augusta Chronicle reporter Margaret N. O’Shea described SCV/LOS member Lourie ("Larry") A. Salley III in a 1999 newspaper article. Little did Ms. O’Shea realize that she was describing CIC Ron Wilson’s ideal of a "reformed" SCV member and leader. By November 2002 Salley had cemented his philosophical and professional relationship with North Carolina attorney Kirk Lyons, nationally known for his ties to white supremacists and neo-Nazis. At that time Salley described the metamorphosis of the League of the South: "We started as an academic society, and we became political. We are building a nation, one person at time."     

Attorney Salley is in partnership at the Southern Legal Resource Center with Kirk Lyons, the attorney of choice for Ron Wilson and the SCV. Together with CIC Wilson and others, Lyons and Salley direct the expenditure of thousands of SCV dollars in what they call "Southern heritage defense." They keep the SCV membership satisfied by appearing to be the South’s only defenders in a hostile world. Their goal of neo-secession has helped create that hostility and has helped to produce the SCV’s currently tarnished image. Their march toward secession is paying off in South Carolina.

In an email sent to Save the SCV on September 7, 2003 Larry Salley openly bragged about his goal and his tactics:

"Within the Midlands of SC, I have over 30 Law Enforcement officers who are LoS members. We have also infiltrated USC, the Citadel, and Clemson with our professors. I recently spoke at the Sumpter SCV Camp. I have a radio show (Gun Talk Radio) and we are encouraging other "Southern Nationalist" radio shows, like (Radio Free Dixie). We have legislators in the Senate and the House. We have members who have been elected to Constitutional offices within South Carolina. We are the mainstream. The SCV is not a "history club". We are involved in a "cultural war" for our survival "as a people". We are seeking.... Independence."

Given Salley's work to infiltrate South Carolina government with LoS types, CIC Ron Wilson's recent announcement to run for the South Carolina legislature is no surprise.

The SCV is and certainly should remain more than a history club. However, the idea of an SCV member, who is also in the League of the South, "infiltrating" state government in order to bring about secession is not what SCV founders had in mind. The SCV constitution preamble states clearly: "In the name of a reunited country..." and with "An unquestioned allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America...." There have been plenty of opportunities to change that wording in the past 107 years. We haven’t done it.

Larry Salley, Ron Wilson and the rest of their crowd mislead everyone when they claim to be loyal SCV members and leaders. Their membership in, collusion with, or philosophical agreement with the League of the South and similar organizations should be an affront to every decent SCV member and patriotic American citizen. However, some SCV members continue to blame the press, politicians, the NAACP, and everyone else for our bad image simply because they have described Ron Wilson’s "reformed" SCV for what it is: a lie.

South Carolinians need to ask some of their lawmen and government officials if their fingers were crossed when they swore to uphold the constitution of the United States. They also need to watch Ron Wilson's hands if he takes an oath of office.

As for the SCV, we need to ask Ron Wilson and Larry Salley why they are so eager to destroy the SCV's patriotic heritage in the pursuit of their radical agenda. 

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