Save the Sons of Confederate Veterans is calling upon leaders of the Sons of Confederate Veterans to publicly confirm or deny their affiliations with various extremist groups!

Two nation-wide extremist fringe groups, the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) and the League of the South (LOS), have until recently attempted to downplay their racist and/or neo-secessionist agendas while they infiltrated the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

For many decades the 106 year-old Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) showed little interest in extremist political activity, choosing instead to concentrate on the history and record of the Confederate soldier. That changed dramatically as various symbols of the Confederacy and the Confederate soldier, such as Confederate flags, came under attack in contemporary America. SCV ranks began to swell with members who viewed the attack on Confederate heritage as an attempt to destroy Southern culture. In the midst of that controversy, the Council of Conservative Citizens and the League of the South realized that by adopting traditional SCV issues, mixing-in conservative themes of religion and politics, and blurring the concepts of what is "Southern" and what is "Confederate"; the SCV's 31,000 members, financial resources and political strength might be shifted toward racism and neo-secessionism. Recent public statements issued by the CCC and LOS leave little doubt as to the groups' agendas.

The CCC carried an essay on its main Web site ( for several months last year that attacked, among other things, "Negroes, queers and other retrograde species of humanity." After the Sept. 11 attacks, the Web site added an item on "DIRTY ROTTEN ARABS AND MUSLIMS," and the following statement: "America is now drinking the bitter dregs of multiculturalism and diversity." And in the "Quotes to Remember" section, the CCC offered up this gem: "Race is everything, and every race that does not keep its blood from being mixed will perish."

The CCC shares many views with the League of the South ( - some of them detailed on a section of its Web site devoted to the "Fight for the Confederacy" - but not the League’s desire that the South should again secede. The problem with secession, according to the CCC, is that it could lead to "black" domination.

The openly neo-secessionist League of the South (LOS) has long described the American South as a culture created by and for white people. The LOS is essentially theocratic, calling for the imposition of Christian doctrine on the apparatus of the state. The LOS is also clearly racist in its attitude toward African-Americans; a group that League President Michael Hill once termed "a deadly and compliant underclass."

Since 1989, the Sons of Confederate Veterans has publicly prided itself on its resolution denouncing hate-groups and their use of Confederate symbols. But simultaneously, some leaders of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, such as Kirk Lyons and current national commander Ron Wilson, have been working to infiltrate the SCV with members of the very same hate-groups they publicly condemn. As a result, a large number of extremists have assumed leadership roles within the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Extremists at the Top

The following is a list of SCV officials at the national level who also are (or have been recently) members or representatives of extremist groups. Membership in these fringe groups: the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), the League of the South (LOS), and Free Mississippi (FM) a Mississippi-based racist group, is determined from the groups' publications, their Web sites and media reports. Each SCV leader's name is followed by his position in the SCV, and in parentheses, his fringe group affiliation, and home town.

Note: Not listed are a large number of SCV officials who have spoken at meetings of extremist groups or worked alongside fringe group members. SCV member Kirk Lyons, a well-known white supremacist attorney who recently was defeated in his bid for a high-ranking SCV office is not listed because he has publicly denied being a current member of any hate group.  A web search on any search engine will reveal Lyons' extremist connections and past.  We recommend

Save the Sons of Confederate Veterans calls upon the below listed individuals to publicly confirm or deny their connection(s) with these extremist groups. If Save the Sons of Confederate Veterans has failed to properly identify these affiliations, or if there are additional fringe groups involved, please advise us by providing appropriate documentation, and a clarification will be made.

National Officers of the Sons of Confederate Veterans

Executive Council

  • Ron G. Wilson, Commander-In-Chief, (LOS and CCC) Easley, SC

  • Ron Casteel, Chief of Staff (Chairman, Missouri state chapter LOS) Jefferson City, MO

  • John Weaver, Chaplain-in-Chief (CCC) Fitzgerald, GA

General Staff

  • Charles Kelly Barrow, Historian-in-Chief: League of the South (LOS) Zebulon, GA

  • David Allen, Aide-de-Camp: Alabama League of the South (LOS) Tuscaloosa, AL

  • Ron Casteel, Chief of Staff: (LOS) Jefferson City, MO

  • John Weaver, Chaplain in Chief: (CCC) Fitzgerald, GA

  • Leonard Wilson, Parliamentarian: (national director, CCC) Townley, AL

National Committeemen

  • Charles Kelly Barrow, Education/Historical, Bonnie Blue Society: (LOS) Zebulon, GA

  • Edward Cailleteau, Time and Place, Constitutional Review, Resolutions: (secretary of Louisiana state chapter, CCC) Baton Rouge, LA

  • Ron Casteel, Organ Transplant, Promotional Affairs, Public Affairs: (chairman of Missouri state chapter, LOS) Jefferson City, MO

  • Dave Holcombe, Monuments: (FM) Harvey, LA

  • Ron Holland, Media/Public Relations: (LOS) Asheville, NC

  • Charles McMichael, Educational/Historical: (FM) Shreveport, LA

  • Charles Rand, State Heritage Chairman LA: (LOS, FM) Monroe, LA

  • William Shofner, Fundraising: (LOS) Nashville, TN

  • John Weaver, National Relief: (CCC) Fitzgerald, GA

  • Leonard Wilson, Resolutions: (national director, CCC) Townley, AL

The SCV membership is waiting to hear from you!

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